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They say that chimuch has never been harder. Bachurim have a lack of concentration that wasn’t evident in previous generations. Talmidim are falling through the cracks or dropping out of Yeshivos.

The answer to many of these issues is YINGERLEIT. Give a Bachur a Yingerman with who he can connect and the will find it easier to navigate his Yeshiva years. An ear to listen to him. A heart to feel his success and failures. Someone who is there for him in all the hustle and bustle of Yeshiva Life.

The biggest problem facing mechanchim is how to fund responsible Yingerleit to mentor the Talmidim. Yeshivos are already stretched to their limits and many Parents are struggling to make ends meet. So, what will be with the Bochur who is struggling?

Enter LEHATZMIACH, at LEHATMIACH we have undertaken to fund the Yingerleit. No Bochur should lack in their spiritual or emotional growth due to lack of funds!

It is with your help that we can continue this important contribution to the future of Yiddishkeit!

Close relationship with Yeshivos

We have built close relationships with the Yeshivos we work with, ensuring the continued success and growth Talmidim.

Top Yingerleit

We ensure all the Yingerleit we fund are fully vetted and have proven experience with Bachurim.

Ongoing monitoring

At LEHATZMIACH we know that not all connections work. For Bachur to fully benefit from the Yingerman, there must be a connection. Not all people click!

We will make sure to provide an different Yingerman if needed.


"I hereby highly commend Rabbi Schreibhand and his organisation LeHatzmiach for their assistance in sponsoring a private tutor for my son.
I was approached by Rabbi Schreibhand and was made to feel that it was his privilege to be part of the education of my son!
Indeed the assistance was in such a discreet manner and sometimes when no tutor was on hand Rabbi Shreibhand himself sat down and learnt with my son showing his genuine and warm care and affection for every pupil he is able to help.
His only desire is to be able to save even more situations. A true lifesaver in all senses of the word!"
A Greatful Parent

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